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Alphabetical list of all our songs
A-B   C-D   E-F   G   H-I   J-L   M-N   O-R   S   T-V   W-Z
'p' after a number indicates a poem opposite that numbered song.
* indicated Song Title, *** = Not Available,
Book references
AA = Alleluia Aotearoa, CC = Carol Our Christmas,
FFS = Faith Forever Sing, HOS = Hope is Our Song.
First Line/title* Book No. Composer Author
E te Ariki HiOS 23 Traditional, arr Roy Tankersley Wi Patena Te Pairi
E te Ariki AA 30 Maori song ***
E te Ariki (Lord have mercy) FFS 13 Ian Render ***
E te Atua AA 31 Maori song, arr. Nicola Jansen and Guy Jansen***
E te Iwi AA 32 Hoki Tawa/Kitty Temara Mona Riini
E te Matua HiOS 24 Bill Bennett Bill Bennett
Easter new Zealand* FFS 3 Ian Render Shirley Murray
Easter Song* AA 15 Jillian Bray Shirley Murray
Ephphatha, be opened, my soul HiOS 25 Colin Gibson Colin Gibson
Eternal God HiOS 26 Colin Gibson Colin Gibson
Eternal Spirit of the living Christ AA 33 Colin Gibson Frank von Christierson
Even if you’re small, AA 35 Cecily Sheehy/arr. Douglas Mews Cecily Sheehy
Every day AA 36 Gibson Shirley Murray
Every hair upon your head HiOS 27 Colin Gibson Colin Gibson
Everything that has voice HiOS 28 Colin Gibson Shirley Murray
Faith has set us on a journey FFS 14 Colin Gibson Shirley Murray
Fancy Noah sailing in the ark FFS 15 Colin Gibson Colin Gibson
Father I have seen Your kingdom* AA 157 Ian Render arr. Guy Jansen John Weir
Follow the way FFS 16 Jillian Bray Shirley Murray
Food is given AA 37 Cecily Sheehy Cecily Sheehy
For all small children AA 38 Cecily Sheehy Cecily Sheehy
For everyone born, a place at the table FFS 17 Colin Gibson Shirley Murray
For the bread and wine and blessing AA 39 Guy Jansen Shirley Murray
For the crowd another busy day FFS`18 Colin Gibson Colin Gibson
For the hurt I create FFS 19 (i) Jillian Bray John Murray
For the hurt I create FFS 19 (ii) Ian Render John Murray
For the man and for the woman AA 40 Colin Gibson Colin Gibson
For the music of creation AA 41 Douglas Mews Shirley Murray
Forgive, forgive us, holy God! FFS 20 Colin Gibson Shirley Murray
Forgive us, O God FFS 21 Colin Gibson Colin Gibson
Friend in Christ HiOS 30 Colin Gibson Colin Gibson
From pastures green, COC 18 Alex Duncan P H C Lucas
From the apple in the garden AA 42 Colin Gibson Shirley Murray
From the waiting comes the sign AA 43 Colin Gibson Shirley Murray
From this holy time HiOS 31 Barry Brinson Marnie Barrell

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