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Alphabetical list of all our songs
A-B   C-D   E-F   G   H-I   J-L   M-N   O-R   S   T-V   W-Z
'p' after a number indicates a poem opposite that numbered song.
* indicated Song Title, *** = Not Available,
Book references
AA = Alleluia Aotearoa, CC = Carol Our Christmas,
FFS = Faith Forever Sing, HOS = Hope is Our Song.
First Line/title* Book No. Composer Author
Jesus comes to me as a springtime tree AA 77 Ian Render Joy Cowley
Jesus, come to our hearts, AA 78 William Worley/arr. David Dell William Worley
Jesus, I come AA 79 Gerald Knight Shirley Murray
Jesus, I sing your praise AA 80 John Franklin John Franklin
Jesus our sun HiOS 79 Marnie Barrell Timothy Hurd
Jesus, Saviour, Spirit, Sun AA 81 Jillian Bray Shirley Murray
Jesus touch us HiOS 80 Trevor Cox Audrey Dickinson
Join Hands in the Spirit AA 82 Rahda Wardrop arr.Ian Render Rahda Wardrop
Jumping Jesus HiOS 81 Colin Gibson Colin Gibson
Just a cup of water AA 83 Felicia Edgecombe Felicia Edgecombe
Just a mustard seed of faith HiOS 82 Colin Gibson Colin Gibson
Just as a mother sings HiOS 83 Jillian Bray Shirley Murray
Karakia ki te Wairua Tapu HiOS 84 Helen Fisher, arr B.Brinson John Greally
Ke tau fakafeta’I AA 84 Douglas Mews Leo Foliaki
Kotahi tonu te Wairua o nga nea katoa AA 115 p *** Shirley Murray
Leftover people HiOS 85 Colin Gibson Shirley Murray
Let justice roll down AA 85 Colin Gibson Colin Gibson
Let  me be kind to you, FFS 40 Colin Gibson Colin Gibson
Let me turn your light on HiOS 86 Colin Gibson Colin Gibson
Let my spirit always sing, FFS 41 Rusty Edwards Shirley Murray
Let our earth be peaceful HiOS 87 Colin Gibson Shirley Murray
Let our love shine out HiOS 88 Colin Gibson Colin Gibson
Let there be peace FFS 42 Cecily Sheehy Cecily Sheehy
Let there be respect for the earth FFS 43 Colin Gibson CCANZ Christian Council of Aotearoa New Zealand
Let us go in your peace HiOS 89 Jillian Bray Shirley Murray
Let’s praise the Creator AA 86 traditional Netherlands melody arr. Eduard Kremser Shirley Murray
Life into life HiOS 91 Colin Gibson Shirley Murray
Life is like a river HiOS 60 *** Joy Cowley
Lift high the cross AA 87 Sydney Nicholson Shirley Murray
Lift up your hearts to the Lord AA 88 Christopher Norton Michael Perry
Light of lights beholden AA 89 Jenny McLeod Jenny McLeod
Light of lights beholden COC 29 Jenny McLeod Jenny McLeod
Litany for a Spirit Filled Planet* AA 38 Cecily Sheehy Cecily Sheehy
Little one, born to bring us such love FFS 44 Jillian Bray Shirley Murray
Living Christ, you call us here HiOS 90 Bill Bennett Bill Bennett
Living Creatively * HiOS 152 Orlando Gibbons Jocelyn Marshall
Lo matou Tama e, AA 90 Kelemete Taale Kelemete Taale
Look around you HiOS 92 Barry Brinson Rob Ferguson
Look in wonder HiOS 93 Jim Strathdee Shirley Murray
Look toward Christmas! COC30 (i) Jillian Bray Shirley Murray
Look toward Christmas! COC30 (ii) Colin Gibson Shirley Murray
Lord Jesus, look on this HiOS 94 Colin Gibson John Paisley
Lord of all love AA 91 Colin Gibson Colin Gibson
Lord, turn our grieving into grace FFS 45 Ian Render Shirley Murray
Love is your way HiOS 95 Per Harling Shirley Murray
Love to the world AA 93 David Bell David Bell
Lover of creation HiOS 98 *** Marnie Barrell
Loving Spirit AA 94(i) (i) David Dell Shirley Murray
Loving Spirit AA 94(ii) (ii) Colin Gibson Shirley Murray
Lullaby, sing lullaby, Murray FFS 46 Peter Godfrey Peter Godfrey

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