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Alphabetical list of all our songs
A-B   C-D   E-F   G   H-I   J-L   M-N   O-R   S   T-V   W-Z
'p' after a number indicates a poem opposite that numbered song.
* indicated Song Title, *** = Not Available,
Book references
AA = Alleluia Aotearoa, CC = Carol Our Christmas,
FFS = Faith Forever Sing, HOS = Hope is Our Song.
First Line/title* Book No. Composer Author
Magnificat * HiOS 62 *** Joy Cowley
Make spaces for Spirit! HiOS 96 Colin Gibson Shirley Murray
Maker of mystery, FFS 47 Colin Gibson Marnie Barrell
Mary's son, my friend HiOS 97 Robyn Allen- Gouge Robyn Allen- Gouge
Mary's Song * HiOS 101 Barry Brinson Mary Kitchingman
Matthew was a lonely man HiOS 99 John Gibson Colin Gibson
May the anger of Christ be mine, FFS 48 Colin Gibson Colin Gibson
May the God of new beginnings FFS 49 Colin Gibson John Murray
May the mystery of God enfold us AA 95 Ian Render Joy Cowley
More than we know HiOS 100 Colin Gibson Shirley Murray
My heart is leaping HiOS 101 Barry Brinson Mary Kitchingman
My love came through the city FFS 21p *** James K Baxter
My soul sings HiOS 62 *** Joy Cowley
New Beginnings * HiOS 32 *** Jocelyn Marshall
New child of God AA 96 Ian Render Shirley Murray
No I've never seen an angel HiOS 103 Colin Gibson Rob Ferguson
No te aroa maata noou AA 97 Taria Kingstone Taria Kingstone
Not on a snowy night AA 98 Willow Macky/arr. Guy Jansen Willow Macky
Nothing in all creation HiOS 102 Barry Brinson Shirley Murray
Nothing is lost on the breath of God FFS 50 Colin Gibson Colin Gibson
Now as we go AA 99 Colin Gibson Shirley Murray
Now Jesus came among us AA 101 Cecily Sheehy Cecily Sheehy
Now the silence HiOS 104 Colin Gibson Jaroslav Vajda
Now the star of Christmas HiOS 105 Colin Gibson Shirley Murray
Now to your table spread AA 100 John Ireland Shirley Murray
Now unto him, AA 102 Norma Wood Olive Wood (from Jude vv. 24-25)

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