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Alphabetical list of all our songs
A-B   C-D   E-F   G   H-I   J-L   M-N   O-R   S   T-V   W-Z
'p' after a number indicates a poem opposite that numbered song.
* indicated Song Title, *** = Not Available,
Book references
AA = Alleluia Aotearoa, CC = Carol Our Christmas,
FFS = Faith Forever Sing, HOS = Hope is Our Song.
The Songs on CDs
First Line/title* CD&Track Book No.
All over creation, COC cd12 COC 3
All who would see Godís greatness, COC cd 8 COC 4(i)
And did you see Him, little star? COC cd 9 COC 5
And Jesus said, FFS cd 3 FFS 1
Awake before sunrise COC cd 15 COC 6
Blue Sky, Lord of Creation, (Whispering gently) FFScd 16 FFS 77
Broken the body, FFS cd10 FFS 8
Carol our Christmas, an upside down Christmas, COC cd 1 COC 7
Child of Christmas story COC cd 3 COC 8
Child of Christmas story, AA cd 11 AA 12
Clippety clop, clippety clop COC cd 5 COC 12
Come and find the quiet centre, FFS cd 8 FFS 10 (ii)
Come in, come in New Year COC cd 23 COC 13 (ii)
Come now, Lord Jesus COC cd 6 COC 14 (ii)
Come to the celebration, AA cd 13 AA 27
Donít tell anyone, COC cd 13 COC 17
Dream a dream, FFS cd 18 FFS 12 (i)
E te Ariki kia aroha mai, FFS cd 7 AA 30
Easter City, (For the crowd) FFS cd 11 FFS`18
Fancy Noah (Rainbow people), FFS cd 4 FFS 15
For everyone born, FFS cd 21 FFS 17
For the bread and wine and blessing, AAcd 21 AA 39
For the crowd (Easter City), FFS cd 11 FFS`18
From the waiting comes the sign, AA cd 19 AA 43
Gentle God, AA cd 16 AA 44
Gloria, Gloria, glory in the highest, COC cd 14 COC 24
Gloria in excelsis Deo COC cd 2 COC 23
God of the Bible, FFS cd 25 FFS 25
God of the galaxies, AA cd 14 AA 54
God speed you on your way, FFS cd 12 FFS 29
Great ring of light, AA cd 8 AA 57
Greetings, little child of Bethlehem, COC cd 1 8 COC 25
Hail, Mary, full of grace! AA cd 10 AA 58
Heavín is ringing (Merry Christmas Rag) COC cd 24 COC 26
Here is the place, AA cd 20 AA 60
I am the vine, FFS cd 2 FFS 35
Iím a fishbowl Christian, FFS cd 20 FFS 36
In the quiet of this day, FFS cd 23 FFS 37
In the singing, in the silence, FFS cd 22 FFS 38
Jesus comes to me, AA cd 9 AA 77
Join hands in the Spirit, AA cd 17 AA 82
Let me be kind to you, FFS cd 19 FFS 40
Let there be respect for the earth, Churches FFS cd 26 FFS 43
Lift up your hearts, AA cd 1 AA 88
Light of lights beholden, AA cd 6 AA 89
Look towards Christmas! COC cd 4 COC 30 (i)
Lord of all love, AA cd 15 AA 91
Lullaby, sing lullaby, FFS cd 17 FFS 46
Maker of mystery, FFS cd 9 FFS 47
May the mystery of God enfold us, AA cd 22 AA 95
Not on a snowy night/Te Harinui COCcd 17 COC 31
Open, open, open the stable door, COC cd 11 COC 34
Our life has its seasons, AA cd 2 AA 113
Peace Child, COC cd 16 COC 35
Peace to you, sisters, brothers, FFS cd 13 FFS 54
Set the sun dancing COC cd 21 COC 37
Sing a carol for summer COC cd 7 COC 38
Sing a happy alleluia! AA cd 4 AA 118
Song of faith, FFS cd 1 FFS 57
Star-Child, earth-Child, COC cd 19 COC 40 (ii)
Take my gifts, AA cd 18 AA 127
Te Harinui/Not on a snowy night, COC cd 17 AA 98
The Kingdom is within you, AA cd 12 AA 137
The majesty of mountains, AA cd 7 AA 139
The stars danced, COC cd 20 COC 43
These hills, FFS cd 15 FFS 63
We are many, we are one, FFS cd 24 FFS 67
We are the singers, FFS cd 14 FFS 68
Welcome the child, FFS cd 5 FFS 69 (ii)
When our lives know sudden shadow, FFS cd 6 FFS 74 (i)
When the storm winds blow, AA cd 3 AA 152
Where is the room? COC cd 10 COC48
Where the love of God is guiding, FFS cd 27 FFS 76
Whispering gently, FFS cd 16 FFS 77
With a hoot and a toot, AA cd 5 AA 161
You are born in us again COC cd 22 COC52
Music only - Kareoke
Broken the body SF 12 FFS 8
Christ is alive SF 1 AA 15
Come to our land SF 2 AA 26
Dream a dream SF 13 FFS 12
Every day SF 3 AA 36
Fancy Noah sailing in the ark SL 1. FFS 15
For everyone born SF 14 FFS 17
For the crowd another busy day SL 2. FFS`18
For the man and the woman SL 3. AA 40
Gentle God SF 4 AA 44
God of the Bible SF 15 FFS 25
God speed you on your way SF 16 FFS 29
Great ring of light SL 4. AA 57
He came singing love SL 5 AA 59
Iím a fishbowl Christian SL 6. FFS 36
In this familiar place SL 7 AA 72
Is there no other way but this SL 8 AA 73
It all depends on where Iím going SL 9 FFS 39
Iíve never seen an elephant SL 10 AA 76
Let justice roll down SL 11 AA 85
Let me be kind to you SL 12 FFS 40
Lord of all love SL 13 AA 91
Loving Spirit SF 5 AA 94(i)
May the anger of Christ be mine SL 14 FFS 48
Nothing is lost on the breath of God SL 16 FFS 50
O spring in the desert SL 17 FFS 51
Open, open the stable door SL 15 COC 34
Our life has its seasons SF 6 AA 113
Out of such sun and air SL 18 AA 114
Small things count SF 7 AA 123
Song of faith SF 17 FFS 57
Take my gifts SF 8 AA 127
The Lord God walked in paradise SL 19 FFS 62
Thereís straw in the manger SL 20 COC45
These hills where the hawk flies lonely SL 21 FFS 63
The wind blew keen SL 22 AA 141
This table is the Lordís SL 23 AA 141
To compassion and to justice SL 24 FFS 66
Touch the earth lightly SF 9 AA 143
We are many, we are one SL 25 FFS 67
We are the singers SF 18 FFS 68
Where is the room? SF 10 AA 154
Where the road runs out SL 26 AA 156
With a hoot and a toot SL 27 AA 161
Who is my mother? SF 11 AA 158

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