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      Susan Jacob's Poem      
On the Closing Day of
‘Hope is our Song’ Conference

To those of you who ask of me
what did you come to see,
whom did you want to meet,
what did you seek to accomplish,
what did you finally achieve?
I would say:
Over land and seas, hills and vales
with happiness and good cheer,
a journey in friendship, I chose to take
the music and songs to hear.
What did I see? What have I found?
Love overflowing, mercies abound!
Talent abundant, music divine,
women so elegant, men so fine!
Hats off to you, Aotearoa, New Zealand!
Your beautiful lands, your hills and rivers,
your chirpy birds, trees and flowers,
your love of nature, this whole universe
your sense of fairness, justice and peace!
Hats off to you, Aotearoa, New Zealand!
In my heart, I take back memories to cherish
of smiles, of warmth, of beauty and zest!
Of language so beautiful, of thought so sublime,
of food delicious, of hospitality the best.
Hats off to you, Aotearoa, New Zealand.
Susan Jacobs,
South India
26 October 2009
Wesley Church, Palmerston North
Hope is our Song Conference.



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